"THE Paladin News"

"THE Paladin News"
Without His peace that passes all understanding, we stand in terrible places for the scripture also says "the peace of God shall guard your hearts and minds." Resting in Him, the peace of God stands as a sentinel against the wiles of the enemy and assault of the world.Then we can See the Invisible, Believe the Incredible, and Receive the Impossible, when we truly walk in His steps we can see the greatest of true LIFE and begin to See the Invisible, Believe the Incredible, and Receive the Impossible Then and only Then will we be true Spiritual Christians. Borrowing a familiar quote from the Bible "Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then saidI, send me" Isaiah 6:8

Friday, March 6, 2015

What Would Jesus Say if He Were Here to Day? {Part IV}

{Part IV}

And laziness is one of the enemies that must be conquered along that path. It is
Cunning and seductive, and you must meet it and conquer it, just as you meet
And conquer the temptations that you face every day, the temptations to do evil.
And to do this you must use your will and your conviction that it is right to act
In this way, for it is to your own benefit to do so…And ignorance, you must
Also conquer, and to conquer it, much effort and much sacrifice is needed.
Ignorance is the malignant thing that holds you back and makes you stumble,
And laziness is its best ally, for to conquer ignorance, you must perform the hard
Internal labor of instructing yourself. Thus, be tenacious and constant, and the
Knowledge that you attain will provide you the correct direction, the direction
That you need in order to free yourselves from all the obstacles you encounter
On your path, for you must know that knowledge is the ally of love, and those
Are the tools that you shall need…they are your greatest allies in your daily pilgrimage.
Long ago, with my life I gave many examples. I would have you know that
I had to struggle against those same enemies, and as
I conquered them, so you can also conquer them.
I would have you know also that you will have no
Obstacles to overcome that I did not have, and you will have no pain or grief to
Suffer that I did not also have.
Convince yourselves that the potential you were born with is a grace from the
Father, a living testimony to His infinite generosity. But there are other graces,
Gifts and powers that are obtained only though the excellence of the labor that
You exert upon yourselves and upon your fellow men and women throughout
Your lives…These graces, gifts and powers must be earned…
You must understand many things, and one of the most important is the value
Of humility…By being small you guarantee your greatness. Make not
Yourselves great, and you shall be made great; make not yourselves wise and
You shall be recognized as wise; praise not yourselves and you shall be praised.
Humility is generous in just that way, and it is in the generosity that virtues
Offer to the men and women that cultivate them that its value lays. It is a good
That enriches the spirit and strengthens it. Cultivate the virtues greatly, for they
Ensure your prompt arrival at that destiny that awaits you. I tell you that the
Virtues, too, are powerful allies…
But you should always be prepared to meet the danger entailed by the
Consciousness of your own virtue, and never allow your ego to induce you to
Pride yourselves on your own worth…You must identify the ego as well, and
Always be alert to its caprices and prepared to counter them, for it is supremely
Sophisticated and its cunning tricks can make you fall into banality.
Beloved ones, I would also have you understand that the way to have more is to
Desire less. It is that simple…Constant desire is the cause of pointless anguish,
And you should convince yourself that you would attain inner peace and harmony
When you identify and appreciate that which is truly valuable, those things that